A patient suffering from Venous Insufficiency with Qurion (SilverStream) and Jet Force

 June 2015


 46years old Female with a non-healing venous ulcer (8 months) on the lower right leg with a thick and stubborn biofilm, non-responsive to multiple treatments was treated with Qurion (SilverStream)  and Jet Force in India
The treatment combination of Qurion (SilverStream) with Jet Force started with a weekly dressing ritual, whereas, alternate day dressing was done with Qurion (SilverStream)  alone.
  1. The wound improved in following manners:
  2. Wound size started to reduce
  3. Pain level decreased
  4. New granulation tissue started to develop on the wound edges
  5. The color of the wound started to change from yellow to red as new blood vessels began forming.

The treatment with Qurion (SilverStream)  is still on-going, along with Gentamycin injections given on a weekly basis.

For more information regarding previous treatments used, protocol of use and wound progress pictures see the full case report