SilVet - Rapid Wound Healing solution for Veterinary applications | Launched Q2 2017

Rapid Wound Healing

SilVet™ is a wound management solution, which combines a low concentration of silver ions, menthol, glycerol and a surfactant, dissolved in a hypertonic solution. The high concentration of the hygroscopic glycerol prevents maceration. SilVet's unique synergetic formulation ensures effective anti-bacterial activity as well as a unique biofilm destruction function. SilVet™ effectively cleans, moisturizes and soothes even hard to treat wounds.


SilVet™ is produced and owned by EnzySurge® a world known provider of proprietary innovative solutions for the global human Chronic Wound Care market. EnzySurge®'s products are designed to accelerate natural wound healing processes.

SilVet (VetSilver in US) – Clinical evaluation by RoodandRiddle Kentucky US

Enzysurge initiated clinical evaluation of SilVet (VetSilver in US) by RoodandRiddle from Lexington Kentucky. R&R is one of the largest and most reputed horse hospitals worldwide.

4 different indications will be evaluated and documented.

R&R provide VetSilver to customers all over the US via its pharmacy and web shop


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