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DermaStream™ Phase-1
DermaStream CST device allows for the continuous streaming of fresh therapeutic solutions to the wound bed while removing exudates by vacuum assisted drainage throughout the treatment cycle.

DermaStream CST

DermaStream CST is a single patient use, disposable wound management device, which can be provided successfully to the patient in both the hospital and the non-hospital settings (i.e. outpatient clinics, nursing homes and home care).

The patent pending DermaStream CST device provides the mechanism for EnzySurge's proprietary Continuous Streaming Therapy™ (CST). CST is a modality based on continuously streaming of fresh therapeutic solutions to the wound bed, while removing used therapeutic solutions, exudates and infectious material to a drainage collection compartment, throughout the treatment cycle.


1. Continuous Streaming of Fresh Therapeutic Solutions

  • DermaStream CST is designed to ensure ongoing, uniform flow of fresh solutions, over the entire wound bed.
  • The use of therapeutic solutions allows for a broad wound management platform.


2. Ongoing Removal of Bacteria and Exudate

  • DermaStream CST continuously removes exudates and infectious material from the wound environment.
  • DermaStream CST is a disposable, single patient use device.

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